Something surprising happened Yesterday On my way to work, sightings of men and women in orange overalls were seen in Benin, by New Benin road today and it stirred some curiosity as it had people staring at them as they walked past.


Could it be that there is now a Nigerian version of The Money Heist crew?

These guys were seen with banners with the words ‘’WHAT MORE CAN YOUR APP DO?’’

First thought that came to mine was, ‘’Is this a revolution? Should we take cover? Could it be a movement? An advertisement? Some skit? What exactly, we do not know.

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It made us sit back to actually think about this question thoughtfully.

What if there was more to the apps we use on a daily basis. What if we haven’t really utilized the potentials of these apps that have come to be an integral part of our daily lives?

Apparently, these guys in orange were also spotted in some other states and causing quite some reaction amongst people and on Twitter is ablaze with them currently trending on the trend list.

They sure have got a lot of us talking.

What more can your app really do? Think about it.

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