If you are looking to get your MBA in Nigeria, or you just want to get into the programme and see how it goes, Lagos Business School is a really good University you can enroll in.

How to enroll Into Lagos Business School (2020)


Their course programmes are comprehensive, and they claim to have a 92% employment

rate; that’s a good enough number, and what you need to know when getting into an MBA


In this post, I will be showing you how to enroll into the school and what the typical MBA programme consists of.

How to enrol into Lagos Business School (LBS)

The enrollment process of the university is very short and straightforward.

They’ve been able to keep quality, yet making the entire process as brief as possible.

The first thing you do is visit their website which is www.lbs.edu.ng.

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There, you would need to complete an online application presented to you.

At the application point, you would also be required to submit some documents

that are meant to support the application form.

You can submit, and wait for an interview. Interviews are a part of the enrollment process,

so the school would contact you upon viewing and acknowledging your application form.

After then, the institution puts your application through a stringent screening process.

After a successful screening, you would then get a confirmation of admission

and can begin your MBA programme.

Programme Structure

Lagos business school usually offers full-time MBA programmes. They consist of 15 months of study done in the class, and a minimum of 72 hours of coursework credits. The structure is then divided into three semesters for convenience. The first two semesters are considered the first academic year, while the last semester is in the final year.

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The first two semester runs for 9 months, and afterwards there would be 12 weeks of corporate internship which you can do in the country or outside. The last semester is optional, and you have the liberty to choose between an International Student Exchange Programme, or offer electives in the school.

The programme runs through weekdays, and Lagos Business School warns that it would be difficult to combine the programme with a full time job. Somewhere along the course of the programme, you also stand the chance of acquiring innovative, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills.

For a more detailed analysis of the programme structure, Lagos Business School’s website has brochures and timelines for that.

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You might have your reasons to want an MBA during these times. Coincidentally, Lagos Business School is receiving applications for their programmes for the year. This year’s session starts in September, and applications run until 31st of July (which would be the fourth round of application)

The major highlight of the MBA programme LBS offers is that it is very comprehensive, just as you can find elsewhere in the world. The institution prides itself as a Pan-African University. As it is, the programme is full-time, and should be run as that; combining it with a job is less than ideal.