Men’s fashion in Nigeria isn’t something you’d call boring because there seems to be no end to the latest native styles for men that can be worn for any and every occasion possible.

Top Native Styles for Men you should definitely try out

But that also means that everything changes and it can be difficult to keep up with the trend.

One minute, it’s the senator wear that’s the trend, then the next, it’s Ankara styles for males.

In the midst of all that constant trend change, there are a number of native style for men that are valid throughout; you can call them “evergreen” if you wish.

I have compiled some of these native styles, and you should definitely check them out while looking for the perfect wear for the next occasion.

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Agbada is the arguably the most versatile native style for men in Nigeria for a very long time.

Originally from the Yoruba part of the country, it has since evolved to include all the other culture as well.

Native Styles for Men you should definitely try out

The interesting thing about Agbada style is the choice it gives you.

Native Styles for Men you should definitely try out You might decide to go with the plain Agbada style with embroidery, or have prominent stripes on it; the options are very many.


I personally think that Kaftans are a derivative of Agbadas, but there are people who know

more about native styles for men that might have a different opinion.

Top Native Styles for Men you should definitely try out

Regardless of my opinion, kaftans are objectively one of the best native style you can get

for men.

Not only does it transcend time and place, it can be made to be uniquely beautiful with different kinds of embroidery.

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Kaftans do a pretty of looking good for the occasion that calls for native wears, and if

you’re the adventurous one, the possibility of creating new designs is so huge, you won’t have to look like any other person.

Senator Wear

This is considered a staple native style for a huge number of men in Nigeria.

Top Native Styles for Men you should definitely try out

It is understated yet good to look at, and is fit for most of the occasions you might be

needing a native style to.

Top Native Styles for Men you should definitely try out

While there isn’t much to change about Senator wears (other than colour), you can still

customize added details and embroidery on your style, if you are the creative type.

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Native styles for men may not be as extensive as that of the women, but that doesn’t mean

there can’t be really good native style for men too.

In fact, there are trends to men’s wear as well, and these trends change frequently within a short time. Despite that, there are some styles you just can’t go wrong in.

I have highlighted them above, and with these styles, you can at any occasion that calls for

native styles, and still be one of the best dressed person!

The good thing about the highlighted styles (and probably the reason they are so timeless)

is that there is so much you can do to make them customized and bespoke to your taste.


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