A Lady records how she was molested when travelling in a bus by an old age man.

The issue of rose has been on since ever since the death of Uwa.

Who is a 21 years old girl in a church which is assumed to be the safest place.

Unfortunately he died and was murdered with fire extinguisher because she struggled for her life.

Many more of rape cases has been reported in the country and the law enforcement agencies say they are on top of it.

It will always go like this unless the masses raise their voices and cry out against rape.

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Women are no longer safe. Our girls are no longer free to move at anytime

What she is wearing, what she is putting on does not justify rape in any kind.

Where she is going to, whether night or alone is also not a criteria for raping and molesting girls.

The mindset of boys and men needs to be rewired back to normal.

This lady in the video was seen having much boldness and courage to record the man.

Many people also testify to similar cases of such.

“Something like that happened to me I slap his destiny out he was speaking in tongues I didn’t even allow him explain”.

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“I gave him rain of slap he said my breast was shaking too much pls guys am I suppose to drop my”

“Breast at home cos am bursty cos I don’t understand and no be say I wear revealing cloth o som of them are just animals with human skin.” Someone says.

Watch the video of how the lady was molested below.


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