Two giants football club, Barcelona and Juventus are about going into swap deal.

Juventus and Barcelona agrees to a swap Arthur and Pjanic at the end of season

The Spanish football club has been in nice conversation and negotiation

With the famous Italian football club, Juventus over the shocking swap deal.

Barcelona who won the the league for the last season wants to have the Juventus player, Pjanic in their team.

They are looking for deal that will not cost them too much but yet give them what they want.

Next season which will be somewhat competitive, all the football team in Europe are bracing themselves.

Since Juventus wants to release Pjanic to them, they also want something in return.

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They have requested for their prolific and midfielder starlet, Arthur Melo in return.

This has not gone well with the Barcelona fans because the midfielder is promising.

And the boy has been making good things out of the time he has spent with Barcelona.

Spanish giant football club wants to have the Juventus player just to spend less.

The only major difficulty is if both players resist the move from their respective clubs.

The Barcelona midfielder and star player wants to stay at the club but he gets no choice.

Check out the statement below.


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