DSTV is a popular Cable TV in Africa. There are other cable TV services however, but you might want to check out the new DSTV Subscription Prices updated July 2020.

DSTV Subscription Prices for all its Packages in Nigeria

It helps you make the decision on what Cable TV to settle for, and what tier.

The price packages has changed slightly in 2020 too.

This article shall highlight the bouquets available, their price, and what you’d be getting for the price you’d pay.


1. DSTV Access

We start the list with the smallest tier of the Cable TV packages. DSTV considers it to be their entry level bouquet, and it really is at the price you would be paying.


It costs N2000, and offers a little over 90 channels. This includes a number of local channels like STV, Channels TV, TVC and more. Also, you get some international channels like Africa Magic, Supersport Blitz and a handful of other Supersport channels.


However, there is no CNN or MNet channels available. You cannot complain at the price, which makes it a good deal if you’re on a budget, but still want to watch cable TV.


2. DSTV Family


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The next bouquet is the DSTV Family bouquet. Right out of the gate, it offers all of DSTV Access channels and a additional 55 channels.


This includes CNN, MNet, and several Supersport channels. One other feature of the bouquet is the availability of all radio channels DSTV has to offer; It’s got 3 BBC radio channels as well.


The downside of the bouquet is that you won’t be getting any HD channel. You won’t be considering it a downside at the price however. It goes for N4000, which is only double DSTV Access’ price. It is still a very good deal to be had if you want to upgrade slightly from the minimum bouquet.


3. DSTV Compact


The DSTV Compact bouquet is is step up from the Family bouquet. It offers all of the Family channels, and several other channels as well.

DSTV Subscription Prices for all its Packages in Nigeria (2020)

As you’d expect, it also offers a number of HD channels, which makes it very attractive if that’s what you’re looking for at a budget. It costs N6800, making it the first bouquet in DSTV’s lineup to break the N2000 increase.


4. DSTV Compact Plus


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There’s a very genuine reason why the DSTV Compact Plus exists. It sits right between DSTV Compact and DSTV Premium, which is the highest and most expensive bouquet.


It is suited for people who want to watch a lot of sporting events. There are only a handful of sports shown on the Compact, and the Premium bouquet seems a bit too much for just sports.


The Compact Plus offers all 155 plus Compact channels and all of Supersport channels. That way, you get to watch golf, Formula 1, Rugby and many more.


You would have to pay N10,650 for subscription however. It’s worth the price is you’re a big sports fan and don’t care for the other channels.


5. DSTV Premium


This bouquet gives you access to every single channel DSTV has to offer. That’s over 250 channels and many more features as well.


In addition to cable TV channels, you also get a free subscription to DSTV Mobile+, but you can only enjoy it if you’ve got a Drifta Modem to allow to connect the DSTV to the internet.


What does it cost? N15800 as at the time of writing. Considering all the premium HD channels you get, it’s a decent price for a cable TV service.

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Other Bouquets DSTV Subscription Prices


Recently, DSTV decided to expand their bouquet coverage to a lot more people. And they unveiled 3 other Bouquets to suit people’s needs.


One the newer bouquets is the DSTV Yanga bouquet. You only have to pay N2500 for it, and you’d get over 95 channels.


There is the DSTV Padi bouquet. It costs N1800 and has around 40 channels. The last one is the DSTV Confam bouquet, which goes for N4500 and offers 120 plus channels.




DSTV is considered one of the best cable TV services in Nigeria. They have consistent in their products, it almost seems like they have a monopoly in the cable TV industry already.


Above are the most current DSTV Subscription Prices if you want to pick up a bouquet,or upgrade to one. There’s a lot of bouquets to choose from in their lineup, which shows that DSTV pays attention to the budget of its customers.


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