its been over 3 months now since the outbreak of Coronavirus also known has COVID-19

hit Nigeria and the death rate so far keeps increasing.

Churches, mosques to reopen as FG

The Federal Government and the State governments have been working tirelessly to find

solutions to the many lives of Nigerian’s that are affected by the coronavirus.

In its effort to combat the effect of coronavirus on lives, property, business and the economy had a whole, we entered a phase of ease of lockdown.

the second phase of that ease of lockdown would be concluding in the coming days and as

such the federal government earlier today along with the the Presidential Task Force on

Suspected Burglar close to Taylor Swift’s house held captive without trial

COVID-19 disclosed new measures , guidelines and protocols which was agreed by all 36 states governors.

Among such new measures is the ease on the religious gathering which includes church and mosques while the educational system is still under a total shutdown.

The PTF, however, said the ban on inter-state movement in the country remains in force.

The government also announced that the curfew imposed on the country will now be from 10.00 p.m. to 4.00 a.m.

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has also requested the Aviation Industry to start

developing protocols for domestic flights to possibly resume from June 21.

“It is only in Nigeria dancers are rented to welcome a President who travelled to enjoy himself”- Fayose to Buhari

For now, all the schools are to remain closed.


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