A lot of Nigerian Entrepreneurs  are Interested in knowing how to buy and sell on ebay here in Nigeria as its one of the major popular eCommerce online platforms.

How to Buy and Sell on eBay Nigeria 2020

In reality, there is something about eBay Nigeria based users find interesting, yet mysterious.

There is a huge restriction on Nigeria, so they really can’t easily check the platform out if

they wanted. Other information such as how to sell on amazon from Nigeria also have that same story.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t get in eventually. There is a way to sell or buy on eBay

directly from Nigeria, and I would be explaining in this article.

Getting Started

Like I have hinted in the beginning, selling on eBay is not impossible, but you need some

items to make it work. The following are to be in place to get started.

  • US-based phone number
  • US based address
  • US-based PayPal account
  • A VPN service log on to the US
  • Mastercard or US Visa bank card
  • Internet Access
  • eBay account
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Most of the requirement is US based, which shouldn’t be surprising – eBay is based in US.

Also, an eBay account sits at the very bottom of the list because you need the other items to have it.

Banks generally issue MasterCard or Dollar Visa card upon request. When you have

obtained one of them from your bank branch, you would need to activate it for online use.

You also would most likely pay for US address, Phone number and VPN with the card.

US addresses can be had for free too, if you have someone you know staying in the US. Otherwise, there are a lot of free US address and phone number services you can use.

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Procedures to start selling on eBay from Nigeria

Get your internet working, and change your working IP to a US one with the VPN.

You should be able to visit eBay and register an account after that.

The actual registration is straightforward, and you can either buy or sell afterwards.

After registering, you would be required to provide a user ID and password.

You would use those details to log into your newly created account.

In the account, there is a “Sell” section, where you would be required to fill in your seller information, which includes the US address and Phone number you have gotten beforehand.

If you have finished updating your seller information, eBay shows you some of the listed items on sale. You can also specify the item you want to sell. You can then proceed to tap on the “Get Started” button.

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eBay has a comprehensive guide on how to create your listing, upload product photos and the pricing of those listings. Once you have sorted the listing as it would look like to your customers, you would directed to put in your payment account information. Ebay verifies all of the information you provide, so be prepared for that.



Selling on ebay is synonymous to other international marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify and so on.

If you absolutely have to sell online, ebay is good place to start, if you don’t mind the requirements that are attached.

You can also learn how to sell on ali express from Nigeria.

The above guide would help if you are getting started selling on ebay from Nigeria for the first time.


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