We are it again as people seems to be threatened by other people’s beauty.

Nevertheless, the Nollywood actress Didi Ekanem is back to tell people to stop using their beauties for something different.

Stop using your beauty for the wrong reasons - Actress Didi Ekanem

Actress Didi Ekanem who is very outspoken when it comes to her words when she want to speak out.

I pray that God will call you to a place of wisdom where you can learn

how to be private with your life in order to be effective, to live a life that

is free from over sharing so that the enemy will not know what to attack.

This was the caption she star with when she was about talking about women beauties.

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Any woman who is gifted with this kind of beauty should understand

That you are given the beauty for a kingdom purpose.

Stop using your beauty for the wrong reasons - Actress Didi Ekanem

using your beauty for the wrong reasons. Stop using your beauty for material gains.

Stop misusing the gift of your beauty.

As a woman, you are very powerful and influential. Your beauty is your power.

Use your power to influence men to the kingdom of God and you will be greatly rewarded.

Don’t allow satan to use your beauty to sell his kingdom.

Use your influence as a woman to glorify God.

And I pray that God will help to realize the purpose of your beauty and use it wisely.

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Didi loves to speak of what is bothering to her.

She put this on her official Instagram account just recently.

Being as it is, we know that she loves to pick out the story and let people know about her thoughts.


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