No one knows tomorrow, nor wishes that something bad happens, we all need to get our properties insured. That’s what insurance companies in Nigeria are here for.

Insurance Companies in Nigeria

It is an entire field (with actual courses in universities), but Insurance isn’t all that much of a rocket science.

However, if you’re ready to go the journey, it helps to know the companies to go to, and that’s what this article highlights.

But first, we take a look at some of the details to put in consideration when you’re about to choose an insuring company.

What to look for

I’ll recommend that at least 80% of all of your research on an insurance company be done physically (and preferably by yourself).

You can however start by getting a few crucial details about them online.

Outside of contact information, you can also check online reviews and what people have to say about the particular company.

Legal Recognition

This is an absolutely necessary requirement. The company doesn’t have to be legally recognised alone, the Nigerian government has to certify and accredit it as well.

Company’s Strength

This is also important. You need to know if an insurance company is capable of handling a bad turn of economic events; that’s the major way you can be sure your money with them is safe.

One way you can check is by reading through stock ratings and reviews; they are very accurate markers for an insurance company.

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You can also check out the Price. How much are their premiums going for? Is it too cheap or too expensive? You would need to consider how much you can afford for premium.

Best Insurance Companies in Nigeria


  1. Industrial and General Insurance PLC

The company, popularly known as IGI has been around for a while now; it started out as an incorporated private liability company back in 1991.


It became a public company in 1992.

Their insurance portfolio is extensive, as you’d from an insurance that’s been around for that long. They offer:

  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Engineering/Contractor Risk
  • Motor Insurance

  1. Custodian and Allied Insurance PLC

Custodian Company is another credible insurance you can look to. It’s got a significant track record; starting out at 1997 with an array of insurance packages.

Their Life Insurance and General Insurance are the most popular.

  1. AIICO Insurance PLC

AIICO stands for American International Insurance Company, and is one of the oldest insurance company in Nigeria. Their portfolio includes:

  • General Insurance
  • E-Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance and Annuity


  1. Leadway Assurance PLC

Leadway Assurance has been operating in the country for over 50 years; in the beginning, they offered Life & Pensions and General Insurance.

Since then, they have expanded their activities to Portfolio Management, Bonds, and Financial loss management.

Their policies include:

  • Term Assurance Plan
  • Deferred Annuity Plan
  • Educational Saving Plan
  • Money Policy Plan
  • Family Benefit Plan
  • Lead Way Saving Plan
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  1. AXA Mansard Insurance Company

The insurance company belongs to the AXA Group, which is itself a very prominent player in the Global Insurance and Asset Management industry.Insurance Companies in Nigeria


Their reach is in the excess of 100 million customers across over 50 countries.

Its offered policies include:

  • Autoflex Plan
  • Money Market Plan
  • Easy Care Plan
  • Health Insurance
  • Instant Plan
  • Business/Tourism Protection Plan

  1. Goldlink Insurance PLC

Goldlink became incorporated as a Ltd in 1992. It however took a while before it became a PLC; in 2007.

It went on to become listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 2008.

It is one of the insurance companies in Nigeria you can check out, as they some of their policies include:

  • School Safety plan
  • Oil & Gas Plan
  • Reinsurance Plan
  • Individual Life Insurance Plan
  • Motor Insurance
  • Marine & Aviation Plan
  • Group Life Insurance Plan

  1. Continental Insurance

Continental Insurance is arguably one of the leading insurance company, as far as the African insurance industry is concerned. Some of their services include:

  • Pet Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Business Insurance

  1. LASACO Assurance PLC

While it started out as Lagos State Assurance Company, it quickly became licensed as an insurer – only after a year of incorporation in 1979.

Some of the insurance policies they can provide includes:

  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Money Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Bond Insurance
  • Householder’s Insurance
  • Fire and Special Insurance Plan
  • Marine Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance
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  1. Cornerstone Insurance PLC

It is one of the insurance companies in Nigeria that was incorporated in 1991 as a LTD; In 1997, it went PLC and had a quote on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

 Industrial and General Insurance PLC

It has its license directly from NAICOM, and offers insurance packages such as:

  • Halal Takaful Plan
  • Goods In Transit Plan
  • Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • School Fee Guarantee Plan
  • Gadget Protection Plan


  1. African Alliance Insurance PLC

It receives its incorporation in 1960, and has since acquired the reputation of having some of the most efficient and trustworthy insurance policies.

Some of its policies includes:

  • Esusu Plan
  • Individual Assurance Plan
  • Direct Debit Form Plan
  • Group Life Assurance Plan
  • Annuity Assurance Plan




Approaching an insurance company for their policies is a smart move, not just for your business but a whole other things.

And while it might sound complicated, with all the terms and concepts, but if you get closer through research and other findings, it’s not all that different from the workings of a bank, for instance.

I have compiled a list of insurance companies in Nigeria that can be considered the best, with rich pedigree and background.

This should point you in the direction of where to start looking when in search of the services of an insurance company in Nigeria.