The independent journalist is at it again but this time is all about Tacha and her titans fans.

I have all the time in the world to block Tacha fans - Kemi Olunloyo

Here is her statement in which Davido is also part of the people she talked about.

ANOTHER WARNING: Tacha is a rude unapologetic girl.

She disrespect me and blocked me and I caught her fake account

And linked it to her phone number. I did a video advising her and her movement encouraging positivity.

Woke up today blocking 60 of her fans who think I’m their equals. I have all the time in the world to block Tacha

Titans on my Instagram page which is a privilege and not a right.

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Meanwhile, Some of you scream that I’m a mother figure to Tacha and Davido.

If I were, why were they both Disrespectful? Both have no mothers to teach them the facts of life.

Don’t give them EXCUSES. Don’t be their spokesman. This is social media

And I’m a TOP Influencer here. Many of you are already DEAD. This Tacha fan is a die-hard fan.

American stars where I grow up your age have them.

Beyonce has Beyhive, Rihanna’s Navy, Lady Gaga’s monsters.

Young people, I repeat build yourselves, your own name, your own brand, your own money and priorities.

“Tacha fans will come for you” does not work here. I yank you fast. I have no time for lame FOOLISHNESS.

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I will be 56yo and have lived your age. Listen and listen well.

These are some of Kemi words against the two celebrities.

Davido has been in Kemi’s black book for some time now just because he disrespected her.

Read her full allegations below,


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