If you are a candidate for the WAEC examinations, you’d definitely be interested in the

guide on how to buy waec scratch card online.

Complete Guide on How to buy WAEC scratch card online

Parents and guardians would be interested as well, and the reason is because buying the scratch card online is more convenient than having to look for a physical location.

But what procedures would you be taking to getting the scratch card online? I shall be explaining them in this guide.

Points to note

To begin with, you need to know that WAEC has indeed made provisions for the purchase of their scratch card online, and that’s through their website WaecTimeTable Nigeria.

It makes it very easy to get the scratch for people who might have trouble finding an outlet that sells them.

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WAEC did say it’s a partnership with one of their marketing departments, but the main takeaway is that they’ve provide an avenue to purchase.

However, this leads to a very crucial question: Are they the only online outlet where you can buy WAEC scratch cards online?

They are not the only ones but they should be the only ones you should be buying from.

If the fact that WAEC is the safest place to buy WAEC related materials isn’t obvious enough, there are a number of other reasons.

  • You get the card details in much less time once you’ve paid
  • They would fix whatever issues you might encounter while checking the results
  • Your results could still be checked by them even if you didn’t buy the scratch card from them
  • You get the card from the comfort of wherever you are, through SMS
  • They have the best price, period
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One other thing is that there are a lot of online scammers out there, so in order not to fall

into their hands, stay with online outlets that WAEC approves.

How to buy WAEC scratch card online

The procedure is very easy and straightforward. It takes so few steps, it is much easier than buying the scratch card offline.

The first step is to make the payment. WAEC has provided an account number to which you

can pay to; it is a Guaranty Trust Bank account and you’re required to use the WAEC Exam number as the depositor’s name.

The amount you’d be paying is N800, and when the payment has been confirmed, you get an SMS alert within 30 minutes of your WAEC scratch card details. Simple.

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You should know that you can buy your WAEC scratch card online, and it’s easier than

having to go through the stress of finding a physical outlet that sells them.

While it is very straightforward, you are advised to stay within the ambit of WAEC’s


This means that you’re better off buying from WAEC directly, as there a lot of online posers and scammers.

From their designated site https://waectimetable.org.ng/ you can procure your WAEC scratch card safely an conveniently.

I have listed the steps on how to buy WAEC scratch cards online, and you’d notice that it is not very difficult.


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