The Nigeria Police Force chase Lagosians seen outside the streets as total lockdown becomes active.

Police chase Lagosians seen outside as lockdown become active (Video)

Recall that the Federal Government annouced that there will be total lockdown

of movement in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja so as to prevent the further spread of the

deadly Coronavirus.

The deadline for movement was set at 11:00pm on the 30th of March and the

action has now kick-started with the Nigeria Police Force making sure all

citizens comply to the action.

Police could be seen giving some citizens who failed to comply a run for their

morning in the early hours of Tuesday.

Watch moment Police chase Lagosians seen outside after the lockdown had begin:

Lagos is the largest city in the Nigerian

state of the same name and in Nigeria and

Sub- Saharan Africa.

It is one of the fastest growing cities across the world.

The state have seen some major improvement in recent years but has also

been hit with the pandemic disease, Coronavirus.

Lagos currently has the highest number of reported cases of the virus and it’s

Government which is held by Babajide Sanwo-Olu has been up and doing in their

fight against the virus.

As at 09:00 pm 30th March, there are
131 confirmed cases with 2 deaths.

Lagos State has 81 patients being

quarantined, while Abuja and Ogun who are

also in lockdown has 25 and 3 patients


Top Government officials have tested positive to the deadly virus with the

Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde being

the latest victim.

Mike Adenuga donates 1 billion naira to support the battle agauinst COVID-19


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