One of the Nigerian crossdressers says I am a guy like you, I have a girlfriend.

as people full his DM inbox.

The male barbie who has been following in the footsteps of popular male barbie which is popularly known as Bobrisky.

Firstly, he says he is tired of being called a cross-dresser as he took to his social media page to reveal how the general public should address him.

In the light of this, he warms people as well not to call him or come to his direct message expressing their feelings towards him.

He says he in not gay. Also, the cross dresser says he wants people to call him an actor instead of a cross dresser.

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Everyone knows James Brown dresses like a lady but yet he wants people to call him an actor.

In recent news, there was a report about the status of the young man about HIV and AIDS.

He says he is negative to the virus.

It appears the Instagram celebrity only lied about his HIV status just to save himself from police net where he was caught.

He says it is just a lie and the lie hurts him forever as he cries out on his Instagram account.

In conclusion, he warns young guys not to come to his DM again saying they like the guy. He tells everyone that he has a girlfriend.

Big Brother doesn’t accept people like us – Cross dresser James brown laments


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