Football fans all over the world has been in moody situation due to the fact that

CoronaVirus has done more damage to the football fans than good.

Covid 19 gets Serie A suspended in Italy


Not only football but all sport in Italy has been suspended until April 3 which was made

through an announcement from the countries Olympic Committee in the concerned country.

The Coronavirus outbreak has spread across Italy in recent weeks leading to last night’s

Derby D’Italia being played behind closed doors where no fan was allowed to watch the

football match that night.

The Olympic Committee have a meeting today and has come to the conclusion and decision

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to suspend sport across the country until the first week of April where the virus might have

been gotten a solution to.

The decision was directed made and confirmed by the powerful constitutional authority

from the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte and would lead to a suspension of all football and

sports in the country, Italy.

Juventus Champions League match against Lyon is not expected to be affected for now but

there is doubt on where and exact stadium where the game will take place and be played,

although at last check, it’s expected to be played behind closed doors at the Juventus

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Stadium in Italy.

It will be a sad moment not only for football fans but for all sport lovers in Italy. It will

come as a reminder that the first case of reported corona virus is an Italian and he is been

taken good care of with proper quarantine measures.

Juventus boss and manager, Conte held a press conference last night to announce the

measures being taken by the Italian to prevent the further spread of the deadly virus,


”All of Italy will become a protected area now and is in lockdown,” Conte said.

”All leagues will be suspended — the Presidents of all the regions in Italy agreed with this

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measure. These measures will take effect tomorrow (Tuesday)”.

”I feel sorry for all of the fans but we have to suspend Serie A”.

As of now, Roma are set to face Sevilla in the Europa League on 12 March in Spain.


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