There are about 10 new cases of Coronavirus and three people has been tested positive in Abuja which is confirmed by the ministry of health.

Coronavirus: Three people tested positive in Abuja

This is a statement by the the Federal Ministry of Health. This brings the total number of confirmed cases in Nigeria to twenty two.

Firstly, the case reports that the patient comes from another country where the virus is intense.

And they come to Nigeria with the virus.

All ten new cases are Nigeria citizens. Nine of them have travel history to the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Canada and France.

They returned to the country in the last one week. The last person case is a close contact of a previously confirmed case.

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In addition, the three cases in the FCT are receiving treatment at the General hospital in Abuja.

The seven other people are from Lagos which are been treated in Yaba, the same please the first index case get treatment.

The symptoms are still minimal and minor. And they are receiving treatment presently.

The ministry of Health says they are tracing people they come in contact with with the new confirmed cases.

Also, the ministry assures all Nigerians that they will do all they can to protect the lives of her citizens.

In addition, the spoke person says the efforts of the federal government to trace travelers and people they come in contact with is still important.

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In conclusion, the is a big question mark if these Three people tested positive in Abuja will recover and test negative from coronavirus, meanwhile the best way to prevent this virus is social distancing and washing of hands to stay safe.


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