The Mountain of Fire and miracles Ministries MFM also known as the battle cry ministry takes precautions and suspends deliverance services.

The ministry which take enough precautions against the pandemic which is causing issues around the world.

Firstly, the church also suspends house fellowship in its churches in Ogun.

And Lagos following the confirmation of coronavirus cases in the states.

Following the statement by the federal government that all large gatherings should be suspended for now

To avoid the spread of the virus.

In addition, the statement which MFM Assistant General Overseer (Administration) say Pastor Gbesan Adebambo.

Secondly, He said deliverance services suspends while house fellowship

meetings in the various states are suspends until further notice.

Therefore, the secretary sends a memo to all the members of the church in Ogun state and Lagos state.

It reads;

“Interim arrangement for ministerial services in Lagos and Ogun states MFM Regions.

“No services including deliverance ministrations must hold in any of MFM

Branches at all levels in the Region under your supervision until further notice.

“Likewise, all house fellowship meetings at any of the centres are postponed till further notice.”

In conclusion, this church lays an example for others to quick adhere

to the instructions which the federal government passes.

The spread of Coronavirus can be on the minimal with social distancing and washing of hands with soap.



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