Ghana President promise to give out three months salary to combat the deadly pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus.

Ghana president Coronavirus

One of West African countries, Ghana especially says he is ready to put down his three months salary.

The issues of Coronavirus in the world is something to really thing of.

Ghana president promise is one of the ways to go to combat the world Coronavirus.

Firstly, before now Ghana president which is named as Nana Akufo Addo says Ghana should be on partial lockdown.

He says that for the two weeks, the country will experience curfew.

President Nana says Kumasi and Accra which is the country’s capital should be on lockdown.

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Ghanaian president says he is concerned about his citizens and their welfare.

One of his commitment is to donate all his three months salary to fight the pandemic outbreak in his country.

In addition, in other to make his pledge effective.

He says that the account general of the federation to deposit the money to Coronavirus fund.

He also says the controller of Ghana will monitor that to make sure it is effective.

Also, there is a special fund raided by Ghana to help the needy and less privilege in this period

However, the fund will be monitored by another Ghanaian official to make sure it is well used.

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Moving on, the independent board of trustees will be in charge of the funds.

Ghana as been experiencing a lot of issues after the outbreak of the virus.

There was only 4 deaths in Ghana yet but just of 2 recoveries.

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