One person died from Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria. The pandemic outbreak is getting worse.

one person died from Coronavirus

In the country of Nigeria, there was just 5 cases of reported Coronavirus that test positive.

And it rise to 30 as of yesterday of people that test positive to the virus.

Just now, one person have died from the deadly virus in the country.

Following the statement from the federal ministry of health, it says the fatality is from Coronavirus.

And has travel experience to one of the countries with wide spread of the virus.

In addition, he says the person is in his late 60s which makes the case worse.

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Also, the ministry says he has chronic level of diabetes and sugar increase in his blood.

This is the first case yet. It advice everyone to be safe and quarantine themselves for good 14 days.

Unfortunately, people still go about their normal work duties this morning in different part of the country.

If this attitude continues, it will make the disease to spread and it will be very hard to control.

Here is the official statement released by the ministry of health in charge of virus and diseases prevention.

“The 1st COVID19 death in Nigeria has been recorded. The case was a 67 year old male who returned home following medical treatment in UK”

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“He had underlying medical conditions- multiple myeloma & diabetes & was undergoing chemotherapy”

“Our thoughts are with his family.”

Also, the agency give a break down of how people get infected and test positive in states.

He says;

For a breakdown of cases by states in real time.

Lagos- 25
FCT- 6
Ogun- 2
Ekiti- 1
Oyo- 1
Edo- 1

“Total: 36 confirmed cases”


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