Benue state government now confirms the first case of Coronavirus in the state.

Benue state confirms first case of Coronavirus

The Governor Ortom led administration now confirms their first case of the deadly virus in the state.

Benue state government has confirmed its first case of COVID-19 recently in a report by the governor.

Firstly, the governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom, confirms the news today as they complain of bitterness.

Benue state government now confirms the first case of Coronavirus

in the state which they need to take seriously.

Fortunately, the name of the person was mentioned and reported.

This is the first index case in the state.

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Susan Okpe who came back from the UK recently is actually the index case.

The governor says he is currently receiving treatment presently.

In addition, the governor says they have to mention the name of the woman

Because they need to know people that make contact with him in the last two weeks or beyond.

Also, the governor says they should come for testing and isolation to protect other people from the virus.

The governor says everyone should not panic but be ready to stay indoors to curb this virus together.

In his remark, he says that they should not stigmatise the index case in the state.

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But they should rather give her the full support she needs to recover.

The governor says together they can fight the virus is people obey to laws of the land.

The issue of Coronavirus is getting hard day by day in the country.

There has not been a solution or drugs for Coronavirus yet.

But Americans are working towards achieving that.

Also the Federal Government says isolation is the best at this period.


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