American rapper and singer, Offset gave a man a punch on his face after he tried to spray champagne on the body of his wife, Cardi B.

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Offset who was partying with his adorable wife at the Booby Trap On the River strip club in Miami showed how much he cares for his wife when he defended her.

The award winning singer could be seen in the video moving aggressively towards the man as he unleased a powerful fist on his face.

Watch video below:

Offset who has a child with Cardi B whom they named Kulture was arrested some days after being charged with felony gun possession.

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According to reports by TMZ, Georgia prosecutors officially filed three charges against Offset as two of these charges are misdemeanor offenses for marijuana possession and a traffic violation.

While this seems minuscule, it is the felony charge of firearm possession by a convicted felon that poses the biggest threat to Offset’s freedom.

The rapper was however released after spending some hours at the police station as reports has it that Offset was arrested as a result of mistaken identity.

According to TMZ, the official reports released by the police was that they received information that there was black male, dressed in full black, armed with a gun inside the parking garage.

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Upon arrival, the officers saw someone who matched the description getting out of the vehicle that was label revealed to be carrying Offset and his associates.


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