Even for the mere curiosity, you’d like to know if you can convert Amazon Gift Cards to iTunes Gift Card.

Gift Card Trade is a big deal, and if you’ve found yourself in it, you can testify to that fact to an extent.

There are several types of gift cards to trade in; from Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards,

Google Play Gift Cards and many more.

How to Convert Amazon Gift Cards to iTunes Gift Cards

But there might come a time, when you would like to know if inter-conversion can be done

among the several types of gift cards. In this case, if it is possible to convert Amazon Gift

Cards to iTunes Gift Cards.

There are a number of reasons to wonder the possibility of this; rates, for one thing, might

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be fluctuating, and you might want to get the most sales on a different Gift Card platform.

Another thing is that you might have noticed that a Gift Card platform is moving faster in

sales than the Gift Card you currently have; you might want to convert over to the other

Gift Card type.

So, I’ll go straight to the answer to the question “is it possible to Convert Amazon Gift Cards to iTunes Gift Cards?”

It is not possible to convert Amazon Gift Cards to iTunes Gift Cards.

This sounds like a bummer, but it really isn’t; there is a workaround.

How do I Convert Amazon Gift Cards to iTunes Gift Cards?

Like I have dropped it earlier, it’s not possible; and the reason is not hard to see.

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Conversion between Gift Cards type must be done without any increase or deduction in the value of the Gift cards. If the value of the Gift Cards are decreased, the guy at the other end of the conversion makes profit, you make the loss, and that wouldn’t make sense, given that you would have gotten a far better deal if you had exchanged your Gift card for money outright.

If the value of the gift card increases, then you would gain from it, but the other guy would lose, and that defeats the entire reason why he is in the business of conversion.

You now see why it’s not feasible to convert Amazon Gift Card to iTunes Gift Card.

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However, you can take the workaround: Convert your Amazon Gift Card to money, and convert that money to iTunes Gift Cards.

It is a longer process, but that’s the only way you can be sure of getting your money’s worth in Gift Cards.


Head on over to Popular Gift cards trade sites (My recommendation has always been Giftcardstrade, and that hasn’t changed), and see the latest deals you have for your Amazon Gift Cards.

If after you’ve gotten money for your Amazon Gift Card, you can then go ahead to buy iTunes Gift Cards.

In a way, it follows perfectly if the whole plan was to switch over to trading in iTunes Gift Cards from Amazon Gift Cards.


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