Who says Blogging doesn’t pay? You need to check out how to get your AdSense account ASAP.


If you’re an online business owner, Google AdSense is still the most popular ad network you can put on your site for good monetization.


And of course, if you run a blog, Google AdSense is still worth trying out any day (forget what you’ve heard before).

How To Get Adsense Account Fast Approval Way (100% LEGIT)

It still opens you, your blog, or business website to a vast range of advert units, as well as optimization tools.


But then, registering without going through the complete set of procedures, would only

have you rejected by Google.

I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone, which is why you’d find the complete guide on

How to get your AdSense account easily.

Getting Started

Now, you may have heard, or experienced first-hand, how Google doesn’t joke with requirements and Standards when it comes to AdSense.

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And like they used to say, Standard has never killed anyone (author: Unknown), which is

why it is advisable to follow these requirement nonetheless.

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age
  • It requires having a Gmail account which hasn’t been previously linked with an AdSense account
  • You need to have a website that meets all of Google’s Terms of Service

As we can see, these requirements aren’t exactly hard to comply with, and a thorough read of Google’s Policies (which you can find Here) would ensure that you don’t fall short.

The Application

You begin the application of an AdSense account, by actually visiting the AdSense website (Check it Here)

On the landing page, you’d find Sign In; clicking it redirects you to a page where you’d

need to sign in to your Gmail account.

Click on the Next button when done filling your email info; you would be directed to another page.

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On this page, Click on “Sign up” to actually sign up for your AdSense account.

You’d be required to enter all your details, which of course includes your website and email address. On the next page, you’d be put through on how to physically connect your AdSense account.

AdSense would actually provide a snippet of code, which you would have to add to your <head></head> section of your website.

If you are operating a WordPress based website, you would also be given specific

information on how to insert the code in your site

When that code has been integrated into your site, click on Submit and you’re good to go.

Wrapping it up

Once you’ve carried out the above procedure, you’re in business with AdSense.

However, you would need to understand some few tips that would help you monetize your

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AdSense properly.

Your websites should be at least 3 months. This is so that you must have had enough contents to attract ads

Then, you need to have at least 30 articles, which are organic, unique and valuable to readers

And lastly, the more traffic you have coming to your site, the better – although there is no minimum traffic amount.


Getting AdSense on your website is straight forward, and still one of the common ways you

can start monetizing your blog or business website.

Speaking of monetization, here’s how the payment works on AdSense.

You have to earn a minimum threshold of $100 in ad revenues before you can get paid

And the payment is done in a Net 30 term: this means that ad revenues earned in one

month, would be sent to you 30 days after the month is over.



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