So, you are a Nigerian wondering how to get free data on your MTN sim in 2020? Look no more.

Data is life, so free data is free life. You need data for virtually everything these days. From shopping to mobility; socializing and buying food. Perhaps, the only thing you don’t need internet data for now is breathing.

Free Data on MTN for Nigerian Users in 2020

MTN Nigeria has different data plans some of which are highly affordable to be honest. The problem, however, is that the data finishes with the speed of light. That can get really annoying and frustrating.

Imagine paying 1000 naira for MTN 1.5 gigabyte and the whole thing finishes before you could do a thing with it. Annoying right?

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Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as I will be sharing with you tips on how to get this 2020 free data on MTN for Nigerian users.


How to Get the Free MTN Data in Nigeria

I will be teaching you two different ways you can get free data on your MTN in Nigeria. The first method requires you downloading an app while the second requires you to migrate to a new tariff plan.


  • Get Free MTN Data with MyMTN App

Not a lot of people know this, but MTN has a mobile app call MyMTN. The app is available on Google Playstore and IOS store.

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To get the free MTN data in Nigeria, download the app from any of the stores. Upon downloading, open the app and just follow the screen prompts. Once you follow the procedures and complete registration, you will be gifted 500mb data free of charge.

Now you can surf the net and enjoy your free data. You’ve earned it.


  • Get Free MTN Data on MTN Pulse

The second method, like I said earlier, requires that you migrate to a new MTN tariff plan to get the free data. The new plan in question is MTN Pulse.

Simply dial *406# to migrate to MTN Pulse. Once you do that, you would receive free 10mb on every charge.

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