The popular Nigerian Socialite and Club owner Pretty Mike of Lagos took to his Instagram page to warm all Instagram slay queens to stay far away from his DM and his life.Pretty Mike warns Instagram slay queens

In a length post shared by Pretty mike he explained that all the tricks all this wanna be queens used in 2019 to try and drag him into the relationship he wasn’t looking for should all stop such arrant nonsense.

Mike insisted that instead of dubious ways to seduce and lure him, all he wants his positive vibes, good business deals that leads to good money and cashing out so everyone could be happy.

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he further made it clear that he doesn’t want Sex from any woman, just strictly Business talks.

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Another thing I will not take this year… To all the Ladies on my list always coming to my Dm with “I like u, relationship things,Friends with benefit proposition or I want to be ur wife requests, then will get to there offices abi school, or hair/nail salons or girls gatherings and be shouting “PrettyMike is on my case, PrettyMike is disturbing me, PrettyMike wants to sleep with me…. Aunty pls u should all stop it this year, it’s so 2019…..the funniest part is Dey will have evidence to back it up and it goes like this “She msg me like a month or some weeks ago, I didn’t reply cause my dm plenty small or cause I was busy, den I finally reply with “Hello, how are u doing: den she replies with I’m fine thank u:…. do u know these Aunties will go and delete there first Hi msg to make it look like I sent dem a msg first and now screen munch it 🤣……Pls let’s respect ourselves this year, share and bring business ideas to me, let’s make money and everyone is happy… everything isn’t about Nacks 🙊 #CuttingTagsForFun #Kenzo #DettyJanuaryToDecemberLifeStyle #2020Projects #PabloWay #MontanaLifeStyle 🔥

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