Are you an NYSC corps member that’s got a NYSC Complaints Email list you wish to email to the appropriate quarters? – Here is How To Get NYSC LOAN With Fast Approval

Well, you would be searching for the email list, where you can easily do that.NYSC Complaints Email List

This post would be a compilation of the necessary addresses and email lists that would take those complaints.

NYSC Complaints Email List

To start with, as far as complaints email list is concerned, there are two major complaints email addresses you can use: [email protected] and [email protected] 

However, you can also channel your complaints using the contact phone numbers or helpline

08147869429, 09038034460, 08092142614, 08092142616, 07019190812, 07056726960, 07056726961, 08089244741, 08064324023, 09092989929, 08102790538, 07019190810.

Some of these numbers would only interact with text messages, so the recommendation is that you try to send your complaints in a text first.

Another set of numbers you can channel your complaints to are: 09035227992, 07013475481.

Take caution, however, these sets of numbers belong to the NYSC’s Director-General.

Wrapping Up on NYSC Complaints Email List

It isn’t unusual to see NYSC members having one or two issues they would want to air.

It might not even be a grievance, it could also be a mild complaint or a suggestion.

You’d need a list of valid complaint emails and numbers you can reach out whenever you need to.



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