Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal was a victim of trolling from a fan on Instagram but handled the situation in a way no one would have expected.

The curvy and sexy actress who is not shy of flaunting her assets on social media was called a maggot by the troll who seems not too pleased with her post.

However, Moyo Lawal replied in a way that will shock many fans who are conversant with the actress way of handling troll on social media as she silenced her by resisting the temptation to insult her.

See their conversation below:

This is not the first time that the curvy actress will be involved in an heated exchange with trolls, some months ago she was attacked by a fan after she revealed that she doesn’t have sex often.

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Moyo Lawal who is fond of posting erotic pictures and videos on her Instagram Page had taken to her page to pride herself as one who doesn’t get dumped by her boy friends.

She wrote:

“I have never had a boyfriend who left me,” she wrote. “Does that give me a bragging right. (even if he walks away in anger he will still walk back to beg) p.s I have just never been able to forgive a wrong done.”

However, the follower who seems to disagree with her point replied by writing:

“I have never had a boyfriend who left me’ fine. But you’ve had boy friends who used you. You don’t know whoever do the dumping doesn’t matter to guys provided they don chop clean mouth. You are even helping them to move to look for other hot chicks”

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The actress however, fired back stating that she wasn’t used and she hardly have sex with her partners.

“Who did they use? Lmao. Hunckle I hardly have sex you are talking using. The only they could have used me is to grow and ain’t nothing wrong about that,” she replied.

With Moyo Lawal still serving hot and sexy pictures on her page it’s only a matter of time before another troll attack her.


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