Its not too late to pepper dem with your outfit these new year. Asoebi has become an intrinsic part of our culture, with motley designs and styles emanating, each one more daring than the other.

You almost can’t makeup your mind on which one to pick as they are all stunning. The Asoebi fabric and style is suitable for any occasion and the competition for which one is the best is high.

With all its dynamism, designers are always in their tippy toes trying to out do each other by creating the newest of the newest styles, often looking creatively complicated.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful picture compilation. These collection will give you the perfect inspiration you need;

Being a wedding guest is a special time you get to share beautiful moments with the couple, these moments are cherished by the couple a they are achieved through photos and videos, hence you wouldn’t want to ruin these moments by looking shabby and what not. The need to dress comfortably, sassy, classy & overall beautiful is very important and you of course need to beautiful for yourself.

Moet Abebe met with BBC Pidgin for an interview (Photo)

A huge number of guests outfits steals the spotlight and sometimes outshines some the brides changed outfit, welp, guest are not joking with their slay game, don’t over do it oo #lol. Choose from a simple gown with dramatic sleeves or high slits, off shoulder, lowskirts, peplum tops etc and don’t forget your accessories.

As a slay queen, you can follow trends either in accordance with what the society approves or switch it up, adding your own distinctive sauce #winks. To slay perfectly, you will need to know your body type, shape and dress in a way that flatters it, if you flout this, you will most likely end up looking clownish even un the best fabric.

Irresistible Pixie/Short Haircuts For Ladies

Every guest brings their ‘A’ game to a party, with their outfits spitting style and class, guest have indirectly made the Nigerian wedding scene a runway, showcasing there different fabulous attires like the ones in these collection, and we are loving every bit of it. It is almost impossible for us to attend a wedding without picking and appreciating other styles from the dance floor.

Sewn into Perfection, but really what’s an Aseobi without the perfect style? An outfit that stands out is as a result of creative combination of creativity, fabric, color, texture, design and the right details. In Aseobi, looking magnificent is the desire of every woman, ladies are always on a quest to stand out wherever they find themselves.

None of the latest Aseobi styles come with a boring sleeve, add some dramatic sleeves with ruffles and fringes. These dresses can be worn with long curls, straight hair, braids just whatsoever you feel comfortable in. Add your heels, pumps, sandal, flats etc they won’t soil your look, just have confidence.

MERCIFIED and Fortified with Grace ! Mercy Aigbe rocks her Pink Hair and Chanel Bag

Asoebi styles Sewn into Perfection

As you know their are Aseobi styles and there are are Aseobi styles that are in a league of their own. Elegant ladies do nit need to announce their presence, their carriage and style is a strong loud speaker they can always rely on. Being elegant is not about the money in your purse but its in your mindset, knowing your value & carrying yourself with confidence, which will in turn elevate you more than words ever could. You can’t wear any of these outfits and nit brim confidence, its simply impossible.

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