Music executive and producer, Don Jazzy has voiced out his frustration at the rate slavery has been mordernised after it’s abolition.

Don Jazzy via a series of tweets on his Twitter account noted that awareness has to be raised because there are still victims of human trafficking, child labor as well as forced marriage.

The award winning singer noted that there are application created which are used for online slave market as he charges Nigerians and the world as a whole to emancipate themselves from mental slavery.

Don Jazzy in a series of tweets, wrote:

Today, being the international day for the abolition of slavery, It’s important to be aware of how slavery has been modernized even after it was abolished in the 19th century. Today, we have issues of human trafficking, forced child labour and marriage. Let’s raise awareness.

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There are even commodity apps creating online slave markets where people are sold into servitude in exchange for money. Most of the victims are women and children. They go through a lot of physical and sexual abuse/exploitation.

I also charge us to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. The liberation we seek starts with our minds. Once the mind is unconstrained, our freedom is assured.

See screenshots below:


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