So there is new gist in town about how soft drink giants Bigi are fast becoming the favorite of Nigerians, displacing some other well-known brands who had held a large share of the market in the country before Bigi showed up.Is Bigi Premium Soft Drinks Slowly Taking Over Nigeria ?

Some have, however, argued that Bigi is only enjoying some level of popularity due to the fact they are a relatively new brand and have made their drinks arguably the most voluminous. But is that the case? Even if that was the case, why is Bigi seemingly taking over the Nigerian soft drink market with a storm?

Is Bigi Premium Soft Drinks Slowly Taking Over Nigeria ?First of all, many have reported that the sugar level in Bigi drinks are not as high as that of other soft drinks brand. A customer mentioned Bigi Tropical flavour for one as being just the perfect drink. With many watching their sugar level, it’s no wonder they would choose to stick with the Nigerian brand.

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Then, some have been talking about the volume at a lower price, which seemed to have forced the other beverage companies in the same market to either lower their costs or increase their volume as well.

One thing that makes Bigi stand out is the ability of the company to maintain a brilliant quality through the few years it has been in the market, irrespective of volume. This has served a bait to lure customers to the brand.

Everywhere one goes to now; one can see Bigi drinks in all its different flavours as it enjoyed by both the old and the young.

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We could say that Bigi is slowly taking over, but alas! That would be a huge lie. The truth is Bigi has already taken over, and it was a hostile take over.


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