Brand Ambassador, Uriel Ngozi Oputa has slammed critics and trolls who criticise her with the way she runs her life.

 would Rather wear my 2,500 sandals like I did before Over Instagram Clout – Uriel Oputa

Uriel Oputa who is also a Business Woman via a series of post on her Instagram Account noted that she doesn’t live her life to please people as she could have bought a car so long ago.

However, she added that she has always put her family first in all her endeavors and does not care what the trolls or critics think.

She wrote;
It’s crazy people would never understand your position
To be honest I could of Closed my eyes 2017 or 18 and bought a car
In life you need to put your Family first before The Gram
How many of those silly Trolls can say.. They have been paying mortgage in the Uk for my mums house??? And rent in Nigeria.
I gave my mums house a make over during my last trip its so cute
My mum Will Never Lack.
I would Rather wear my 2,500 sandals like I did before
So yes I will celebrate my first Gucci shoes and Glasses.
Yes I will celebrate my car even if its not luxury
The next Time someone puts you Down.
Smile and say I know who I am.
Nobody knows but God
You will be Great
Trust me
Its gonna get better

MUSIC: Tekno – Choko (Prod. by Krizbeatz)

Obi Oputa I love u Big bro


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