When it comes to second wedding dresses or reception gowns, Nigerian brides go all the way & surely rock them best. Functionality aside, other than your wedding day, what other moments in your life are you allowed to be as extravagant as you want, except you are a celebrity? A second wedding dress allows you to show off your personality and style, just in case your wedding dress fails to drive home your panache.

The idea behind the reception dress is that, the bride will have total convenience to maybe dance, move around so as to enjoy her wedding fully.

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If you are currently hunting for your reception dress, you’re in luck as we’ve curated some stunning second dress options for your inspiration. Take a look;

NB: Keep in mind that when choosing a reception gown you can play with colors, you are not limited to just white or silver.

NB: Make sure to choose a dress that is convenient, which is the whole point of having a second wedding dress.

NB; Don’t be shy to use slits.

NB; there are no set rules about the length. The length of your dress totally depends on you.

NB; Pick a dress that makes you still look like a bride and not a guest.

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NB; give them a full dose of Ankara

NB; Don’t leave out your clutch purse. It’ll complete your look.

Overall have fun.

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