It’s so unbearable to watch videos circulating on the internet about the treatment South Africans are giving to African immigrants in their country.

Many people can not hold their tears as they watch the sickening videos about what’s happening.

Wizkid could not help but share his views on the ongoing attacks;

XENOPHOBIA ATTACK: Wizkid describes situations as “disheartening”

In a tweet he posted, he said;

“Disheartening to watch these videos from my home! You’re fighting the wrong war , fighting the wrong people. How do we walk around hating each other? Africa is one! We’re all the same people! Pls don’t loose yourself! #SayNoToXenophobia One Love ❤️

“Pls educate yourselves, educate the kids , educate the youth! We’re all humans before anything else! “Humans” !!   And most importantly “Africans”!”

XENOPHOBIA ATTACK: Wizkid describes situations as “disheartening”

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