Scenes at Jappestown, Johannesburg- South Africa, have been disheartening and sickening as the killings and damaging of property escalate.

So many people have lost their hard earned properties while others have lost their lives as a result of the ongoing xenophobia attack.

A Nigeria Man who went to South Africa to make ends meet after investing all his life and resources into car dealership has faced the worst day of his life.

According to him, he stood there helplessly as he watched looters set his garage ablaze, burning more than 30 cars at once.

XENOPHOBIA ATTACK: Nigeria car dealer cries as he watches all his cars burn down into ashes

“I sell used cars and 30 cars that were my bread and hard-earned investment were burnt to ashes and I don’t know why,

“My heart broke as I helplessly watched everything perishing into flames. I’m lost for words and aggrieved because my own black brothers and sisters did this cruel deed to me.

“South Africans need to remember that during apartheid neighbouring countries fought with them, our fathers fought for them.

“We are Africans who are being chased out of our own African country because of unnecessary hate and unproven allegations,” he said.

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