Current Spain Boss, Roberto Moreno, has revealed that, if his former boss, Luis Enrique wants to get back in the Head Coach position of the Spanish National Football Team, he’d give him the luxury.

Enrique resigned after spending 11 months as head coach for personal reasons.

A few days ago, he announced that he has lost his nine-year old daughter, Xana, to bone cancer.

Monero said;

“If Luis wants to return one day I would be delighted to step aside and work with him,

Spain Boss promises to step aside if Enrique wants to come back

“I consider Luis a friend and friendship comes ahead of everything.”

Enrique was replaced by Monero during the last three matches during the last three matches as a temporary coach and later named as permanent.

As part of preparations for the EURO 2020 Qualifiers, Monero said;

“It has been a very difficult week,

Spanish Coach Luis Enrique loses 9-year old daughter to cancer

“We will try to bring a tiny bit of happiness in a very bad moment. That is the only thing we can do as a group.”


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