Following the massive and intense retaliation against the xenophobia attack in South Africa, where Nigerians attack South African-owned shops and companies like MTN, DSTV, and others, South Africa have taken another step.

South Africa closes its diplomatic missions in Lagos and Abuja

South Africa have now closed their diplomatic missions – which includes all activities that were set to happen in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria.

Closing the diplomatic mission will prevent South African officials to partake in any governmental or official duties in Lagos and Abuja.

The South African government early on ordered the South African ambassador in Nigeria to get back to SA.

Several countries like Tanzania and Madagascar have refrained from playing friendly matches with South Africa, following the ongoing xenophobia attack.

“I think Nigerians haven’t even reacted proportionately to the xenophobic attack, if they do, it’ll be dangerous.” - President of Nigeria Citizens in the Diaspora


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