My Dad Pioneered My First HeartBreak – Juliet Ibrahim


Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has revealed  how her dad was not a major part of her life whilst transitioning into an adult, an act which brought her a broken heart and  caused her to look for solace in older men.

My Dad Pioneered My First HeartBreak - Juliet Ibrahim

The Actress who featured on The Delay show mentioned that though she passionately desired  to spend quality time with her dad during the time , she was denied that opportunity as he went absent for a good seven years and only came back when she was already an adult.

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According to her, the disappearance act her dad pulled caused her to play the role of breadwinner as she was the oldest amongst her siblings.

“I was 18 years when my dad left me. We lost contact with him. It affected me a lot because I had to grow up very fast and take up a lot of responsibilities because he was not around. We were very close and I used to like my dad a lot so I just felt a whole lot of disappointment. It was my first heartbreak from a man and it really made me to start looking for comfort in someone else or anybody that is older” she said.

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My Dad Pioneered My First HeartBreak - Juliet Ibrahim

The gentle actress recently launched her autobiography titled ‘A Toast to Life’ which tells the  story of how she lived through a 7-year war period across Lebanon, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire as well as broken relationships and daring to start life afresh.


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