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I have a crush on Lydia Forson- Jay Foley


Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson, seems to have possession of the heart of popular radio show host, Jay FoleyI have a crush on Lydia Forson- Jay Foley

In a recent interview, Jay Foley came bare with his feelings for the boss of Kinky Matters. In his words; “…I’m crushing on Lydia Forson I used to tell her I love her and stuff, but…” .

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Lydia Forson on the other hand, doesn’t seem to dedicate a fraction of her time to matters such as this as she has constantly been the subject of ridicule on social media where fans bombard her with questions of marriage to which she only tells them to mind their business.

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The actress recently launched a new hair product for ladies with natural hair, “Kinky Matters.”

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