Sadly, the xenophobia attack in South Africa has gotten more intense as armed South Africans spread on the streets of Johannesburg to protest against foreigners, asking them to leave.

In a video posted earlier on the internet, a group of men, who will be somehow more than one hundred, are seen holding cutlasses and wooden bats, chanting on the streets.

Armed South African Protesters chant on Johannesburg streets asking foreigners to leave their country

It’s been exactly a week since the attack started. Several people across the world, including celebrities like Mr Eazi, Wizkid, Burna Boy and many more have spoken against it, pleading for it to end.

Presidents from other African countries have pled on South African leaders to tell their people to act properly, yet to no avail.

The South African Deputy of Police earlier last week passed a few comments which got so many people pouring insults on him.

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