Its another weekend, and we have compiled all the latest of the latest hairstyles we could find.

Trendy Lit Braid Hairstyles you just Have To Try

With the Bohemian box braids taking the lead, to hombre braids, lemonade braids, ponytails, our dear faux locs, Ghana braids, curls and lots more.

Lets not bore you with much talk, let’s jump right into it;

Bohemian braids : these is one of the most prominent hairstyle on the rise. They are also referred to as Goddess Braids, they got their name from their effortless look & carefree quality

Faux Locs; are so versatile, generally fabulous plus anyone can wear them, whether straight, curled, brightly colored, side undercut etc….

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Lemonade Braids : formerly referred to as side braids, Beyonce brought them back in a big way by rocking them in her music video of her smash hit album titled Lemonade. That’s where it got its new name

Ponytails /Bubble Ponytails :as we know ponytails are hairstyles where most if not all the hair on the head is pulled away from the face, gathered & secured at the back of the head with a hair tie, clip, rubber band etc

Touch of these beautiful butterfly braid

Ombre ; how about adding some color to your style..

Ghanian cornrows ;they have been around for a very longtime and it has been embraced as one of the most flattering hairstyles

AMVCA7: Nigerian celebrity, Cee-C makes them green with Envy (Photos)

Box Braids; when you need a break from natural hair, box braid is your best option, as they are protective and very stylish and of course offer excellent opportunity to extends ones hair

Curls; they are normally in tight curves and spirals, they could be long or short, doesn’t really matter

Switch up your look completely with a creative heart shaped hairstyle


We hope you found something that works for you, do like, comment and share…..


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