The Ghanaian Songstress tells no lie when she makes a statement like this after been the core topic on social media for no apparent reason, heavily backlashed back-to-back for about a week.

RuffTown Records Signee, Wendy Shay has revealed in an interview with the media that, people take it to the extreme when matters about her surface on the media. Thus, they criticise her about every single thing, including her existence as a human being.

Even after rendering an unqualified apology for her sensitive caption of a photo she posted of her and the ex president of Ghana, people still don’t like her, her dislike has become even worse.

“Generally, people criticise me, some are constructive, others are really negative ones. Most times, I ignore the really negative ones because they’re not necessary and take the constructive ones from those who really want the best for me. But I think people just like criticising me, everything I do, me as an artiste, my looks, I mean my whole existence.” She said.

In regards to how she feels when people criticise her fashion sense, she said that, she being a creative person makes her feel good in everything she does.

Even though her stylist help her out sometimes, telling her what to wear for a particular occasion, she feels good in everything she wears. She as well confessed that, she had fired a couple of her stylists because it wasn’t working out. Mostly because they styled her and went wrong.


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