A woman has kept in touch with Nigerian relationship master and love specialist on the very peculiar thing her sweetheart does before they have intercourse and sex.

She says her sweetheart really utilizes a spoon to blend her private part before laying down with her and she is terrified about the propensity.

In the wake of offering her predicament to the relationship blogger and consultant and he sharing it on the web, it truly has got individuals entranced with many laughing hysterically over the cleverness of her situation.

Here is her full statement;

Something is happening and it is confusing me. My boyfriend will always put spoon in my vagina before he fucks me. I’ve tried to stop him many times but he said if he doesn’t do it then he won’t fuck. I’m confused. Is he trying to stir up my vagina first. Pls is this normal? It’s starting to turn me on and I’m worried.

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