The ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker obviously cannot take a day off the internet.

Ghanaian Award winning artiste, Wendy Shay has revealed a shocking revelation that, most photos of her that circulate on the internet almost always, are photoshopped photos.

Talking to the media, The RuffTown Records signee revealed that, people post photos of her face not-looking-so-good to defame her and make others think she is very ugly.

In an interview with celebrity blogger, Arnold on Vibes in 5, she said;

“Those photos that circulate on social media are mostly photoshopped, especially the ones without makeup which make me look not so nice. I really look quite the same without makeup, I can actually wipe out my make up and still look as beautiful as I was with makeup. That is the reason why it doesn’t get to me when people say I’m not so good looking.”

She added that, the reason why she has never come out to disclaim such things is because she does not really care about what others say, and that, those who are close to her know she is genuinely beautiful.


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