Well, it will be so amazing to know that Ye is coming up with another marvellous body of work.

Looking at the post Kim Kardashian – wife of Kanye West – made on Instagram earlier, it’s quite unclear if Kim herself is coming up with the album or she’s acting as her husband’s announcer to hint on his next album release.

Kim Kardashian hints on Kanye’s new album?

Some people are also of the view that, the compiled list, which is set to be released on 27th September 2019 is a list of Kanye’s new Sunday service songs.

The 12-listed ‘items’ have been titled “JESUS IS KING” which makes some people a bit sceptical as to if it’s Kanye’s – a rapper and a hip pop artiste – new project.

Kim Kardashian hints on Kanye’s new album?
Kanye’s Sunday service

However, looking at how amazing Kanye put up his Sunday Service, and the group of people he puts together to make the event incredible, it won’t come as a surprise if he drops a Gospel album.

Or maybe it’s a compilation of some of the best songs he has played at his service, who knows?

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Kim Kardashian hints on Kanye’s new album?


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