Instagram to get a Meme expert after policy violation


Memes have become one of the most amazing things to every grace the surface of the internet.

Social Media network, Instagram, has brought to terms checks and balance on several accounts that have issues in relation to posting memes on the platform.

Instagram to get a Meme expert after policy violation

The network has decided to hire a strategic-partnerships manager who will solely be in charge of handling meme accounts.

Instagram has disabled several meme accounts following claims that those accounts do not attribute their posts to the original source, meanwhile, they rake in huge sums of money from their posts.

Instagram reported that over 140 solid meme accounts were disabled on the platform because they violated the policies of the platform. These accounts were “capitalising on this market by organizing memes from across the internet into one place.”

Instagram to get a Meme expert after policy violation

“These accounts were disabled following violations of our policies, including attempted abuse of our internal processes,” Spokesperson of Instagram said.

A 15-year old Instagrammer, Rowan Winch, debunked such claims and termed it as false. Winch’s instagram account – @Zuccccccccccc – had a total number of 1.2 Million followers before it was disabled.

Instagram claim that these disabled accounts repost contents from other social media networks like Twitter, Reddit or TikTok and make money off them without crediting the source.


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