The talented and award-winning Ghanaian gospel performer and artiste, Lady Prempeh has at last unveiled why she went blonde. It tends to be reviewed that Lady Prempeh said the blonde hair was a choice by her administration to shoot a video for her single “Enka ho da”.

“I, most importantly, need to advise my fans to be tolerant with me and dislike I haven’t seen or heard their remarks. In any case, it is a piece of the activity and in the event that you are under administration except if they guide you to go bare which doesn’t praise God however only a blonde haircut, I don’t think it is really awful a thing”, she expressed.

Asked to what extent she is going to keep the blonde hair, Lady said “From the appearance of things, we needed to simply shoot the video with it yet from what individuals are stating; they like it so I may keep it on somewhat more. A few people even need me to keep it until the end of time”.

In any case, she said she has chosen to return to her dark hair since ‘she has what she needs now. ‘

As indicated by her, “any lady who wears blonde hair is either unmarried or experiencing issues’


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