An English Man named Terrence David Murrell, who has been on the wanted list of the British Authorities for drug possession fled to Bali, only to be arrested for selling explicit videos and pictures of himself.

According to the Authorities, Murrell who was a bodybuilder and a model in the UK escaped the English lands in order to avoid being arrested for selling steroids.

In order to fund his luxurious lifestyle in one of Indonesia’s popular tour city, Bali, Murrell resorted to selling naked videos and pictures of himself.

Indonesia Authorities have strict laws against narcotics, and production and dissemination of pornography.

Immigration official Amran Aris told the media;

“About his pornographic content, I did not say that it was made in Bali. I don’t know that it was Indonesia or Thailand but the place where the crime was committed needs further police investigation.”

Murrell will also face charges for overstaying his visit in Indonesia as he has spent 150days more in addition to what he was actually given.

“We are still investigating the porn content, including digital forensic examinations to prove pornography law violation. At this moment, he could face immigration violation and illegal drugs use (charges).” said the Denpasar Chief Police Detective, Wayan Artha Ariawan.

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