The controversial businessman, Bobrisky, has been arrested in a short while but refused to let that get to his veins. Reports made known that he was owning a boutique businesswoman who got her arrested over debts and debits transactions.

In his announcement, the questionable socialite and Instagram user, Bobrisky, referenced that the woman was just tormented and pained because he ended her agreement and thought he would have been confined by the Police.

Reports have it that Bobrisky was captured because of the way that he broke a support endorsement with the boutique owner. He was, be that as it may, later allowed bail after he allegedly marked an endeavour to pay N300,000 and pay the equalization later on.

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Here was his original statement;

Haters, she is pained I drop her contract. She carry me go police thinking they will detain almighty Bobrisky. I’m not interested anymore. Na only instablog you give biko give lindaikeji too. And if you are taking a pic of next time use a good phone. I’m a cute girl



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