For a couple of days now, the Big Brother Naija housemates are beginning to confirm who they admire and would love to commence a relationship with. Khafi, however, seems to have taken things further with Gedoni.

With two female housemates gone, the men in the house want to find who would be their romance companion. They are beginning to weigh their options.

During the dairy session on Monday, Tuoyo mentioned that he is crushing on DianeIke and Mercy are both playing the cute lovey-dovey narrative. And we saw Kim Oprah caressing Omashola’s head on Tuesday night.

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From the way Mercy has been going on touching and moving close to Ike these past few days, we have an idea that both housemates probably have a thing going on.

Indeed, the viewers are enjoying the aroma that this ‘Pepper Dem‘ season is emitting.

There are traces of emotions here and there. However, no couple has officially commenced their on-screen romance. Nevertheless, Khafi and Gedoni seem to be up to something after they shared a cosy moment underneath the bed-sheet.

British-accented Khafi was seen caressing Gedoni’s hunky body as they both laid on the bed during the late hours of Tuesday, July 9.

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Watch the interesting moment here


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