5 ways to tell your partner that you are leaving them


Some many men and women fall in love, get married and most times or sometimes while been married to each other fall out of love over time.

And in most cases when the love that holds the relationship is no longer there, problems start to arise and leads to separation and later a final Divorce.

In other to manage situations like this, below are 5 ways to give that heart breaking news of Separation

Make sure the kids are somewhere else.

If you have kids you may need to take them away to a relative or friend’s place because you don’t want them to see the traumatic end of their parents relationship. Kids are sensitive and may not understand the gravity of the situation.

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Be direct and as compassionate as possible.

Leaving someone is already hard enough for them, the worst you can do is be aggressive and throw all the dirty laundry for everyone to see.

Do it in person.

Breaking up by phone, text, email, of even just ghosting is just no acceptable because people need closure. It is only understandable if your person is threatened by violence.

Don’t make idle threats about not giving your spouse any money or taking the children.

People’s true colors can be nasty so these kinds of threats will give them ideas and they could bring out their nastiest secrets of you some of which can be very damaging.

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Make sure you‘re safe.

No one knows how a spouse can react to a breakup because a lot of feelings are involved. Speak in an open place or in an environment you are sure is safe.


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